Our Story

Creating The right foundations

Elysian was born from dedication and a genuine love for the piercing and body mod industry. I was working from an incredibly busy and highly regarded studio in the city of Preston, Lancashire; but I often struggled with poor jewellery supply.

I experienced so many issues, such as inadequate quality in generic wholesalers and slow fulfilment, poor communications and little or no aftermarket support, even with some of the better known brands. Piercing and jewellery are what I love, but it really started to become a daily struggle when having huge lead times or bad quality stock come through.

There was a huge problem in the piercing industry in the UK, and I felt it was something I needed to deal with and apply myself to, in order to make my day to day working life better.

I used to work in the dentistry field, and I spoke with my long term friend and former colleague for help, Dr Simon Clavell-Bate BDS, MJDF RCSLon, Dip Imp Dent RCSEd GDC: 103410:

Simon is a highly regarded dental implant surgeon and specialist. Using his experience, knowledge and industry contacts, we sourced the highest grade materials and determined the safest form of machining, both are universally medically accepted as the ‘GO TO’ for surgical implants.

With the safety aspect taken care of, it was important that I started with the right designs. I was pretty confident that I acknowledged most of my clients interest in the current jewellery suppliers I was working with.

So, working with award winning tattoo artists and multi generational jewellers ‘Ainsworths Jewellers’ the first jewellery designs we finished and implemented into manufacture. To be fair, it was a huge surprise when it snowballed in our studio! The public reception was incredible. For around 36 months I have been using our jewellery on a day to day basis, and my client base keeps increasing.

It wasn’t until around 2021 that I thought about branding the jewellery and introducing it to a wider market and the industry as a whole. After many conversations with my good friend and massively experienced piercer and body mod expert, Mac McCarthy, I realised we could help other piercers in the UK.

Mac and I spoke on a regular basis about how our UK supply stream and quality of product would be super beneficial for UK and European piercers. After many ‘excited’ conversations we decided that we should bring ELYSIAN to everyone.

For what seems like ages we have designed and implemented a HUGE catalogue of jewellery in both implant grade Titanium and 14K gold. We make sure we use only internally threaded and threadless systems to protect your piercings.

Taking note of many highly regarded piercers and acknowledging the tireless work of people in the industry to ensure the safety of our clients, we have made sure to comply with the safety standards on a cross continent platform. We have acquired American Standard ASTM F-136 and also European REACH standards by way of certification from an INDEPENDENT testing facility, signed off by both US and UK accredited metallurgical specialists. This means we can guarantee the standard of material with which our jewellery is produced.

Working with Crystal was an intriguing and exciting time, it was great to use my experience in implants in a different environment, and also amazing to see someone so concerned with the safety and quality of what people are inserting in their body

Dr Simon Clavell-Bate

BDS, MJDF RCSLon, Dip Imp Dent RCSEd GDC: 103410

Serious about aftersales Support

We have also implemented a fail-safe after-sales support system that ensures the best ‘point of sale’ material, advice and literature that other brands seem to fail at.

Very few people understand the time, finance and dedication that goes into the manufacture of quality body jewellery so one of the most important things to us was to provide our piercers and retailers the information and supporting materials and quality jewellery, enabling you to focus on delivering best in class service to your customers.

We believe in Elysian so much we also offer a lifetime guarantee on all pieces and provide a manufacturer certificate on every piece.

Elysian has a  highly experienced and efficiant team and we are the ONLY implant surgeon backed, cross continent independently certified, premium body jewellery brand that’s UK based.

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