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The level of craftsmanship and expertise involved in creating the perfect piece of body jewellery takes enormous care and skill, qualities engrained in the very heart of our business. We’ve built an exquisite collection of premium jewellery, designed with care and passion, suitable for a vast array of body piercings.

Jewellery design is the first step in the jewellery-making process. Everything begins with a sketch in which creative ideas are brought to life on paper. Our jewellery designers combine traditional techniques of stone polishing and setting, combining them with more modern styles of jewellery.

The final stage in the production process involve the painstaking task of polishing the jewellery, bringing to it a shine that will dazzle. As the polishing wheels rotate, our polishers bring the precious metals to a magnificent shine in several stages, using progressively finer polishes.




Today’s shoppers rightfully expect their jewellery to be made responsibly and with a respect for human rights and the planet. Elysian is recognised for their commitment to conducting business responsibly. When you choose to buy jewellery from Elysian, you foster confidence in the industry, securing a future that can be treasured for generations to come.